Navigating the NJ All-State Trumpet Solo

Learn how to systematically practice

Barat's Andante & Scherzo in one week  July 6-10 

Have you every wanted to really learn a solo but didn't know

how to go about it?


Did you practice a lot last year but you still had some areas you still

couldn't play as great as other spots? 


Maybe this is your first audition and you want to learn how to put the

 solo together in an organized way


During this five day course, you will learn how to practice the

Andante & Scherzo so you can perform all of the sections

just as well as the easy ones.

Daily Class Schedule 10am-1pm
1. Daily Warmups 10-10:30am
The first good habit you want to establish in order to sound your best on the solo is a good warmup. 
2. Exercises to practice the technique required in the solo 10:30-11:15am
If you want to run faster out of the batter's box, you have to practice sprinting separately
3. Demonstration of parts of the solo being studied that day 11:15-11:30AM
4. Solo 11:30am-1PM
Solo broken down into 8 sections, covering 2 sections per day and a review of the sections covered the day before. 
All Classes done virtually on Zoom as a group
Cost for the course: $250 
Contact JoAnn at for more info on how to enroll. 
Why Study with JoAnn?
20 years experience teaching privately. Her students have achieved chairs in NJ All-State,
Region I, Bergen Country, All-Shore and honor bands. 
5 years experience using online teaching platforms such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom. 
Active performing musician throughout the country. Always practicing, performing and teaching these skills.
For more info please check out the About page on this site.