Navigating YOUR 21st Century Career in Music

Trumpet & Lifestyle Intensive

June 1-5


Have you ever thought; I really want to do this but I should do that?

Or, Is this really all there is?

During this five day intensive you will explore a new way to think about

your career and lifestyle goals and how to fuse them into YOUR own ideal life









1. Warmup and Fundamentals session

  • We will explore traditional concepts of Cichowicz, Stamp, Caruso, Arban, Clark,  Scholossberg, Vizzutti ,  Gekker, and  how to get the most out of them based on your needs
2. Career Brainstorming and how to fuse  your passions
  • There are more career options than orchestral musician, college professor or military band  musician
  • What else is important in your life that you want to be doing as much as music? How can you put them together?
  • Networking and how to get your ideas out there. 
3. Audition prep and how to deliver what you do when it counts
  • This is an important skill that needs to be practiced as much as any other of your tools.
  • You never know when you may need to play one even if you don't want to play in an orchestra or military band full time.  
4. Private Lesson
5. Mock Audition
6. Yoga/meditation
Daily Schedule: 
10-11:30am, 5 Warm-up/Fundamentals Classes
12-1:30pm , 3 Career Brainstorming think tanks
                      1 Yoga/Meditation
                      1 Books discussion 
2:30-4pm  4 Audition Prep/1 Mock Audition
4:30pm All Private Lessons will be scheduled, 1/participant
All sessions done virtually on Zoom, FB Live, Skype/Facetime
Cost for the course: $400
Contact  JoAnn at for more info and how to enroll.
What You Will Walk Away With
 The tools to create and  navigate your ideal lifestyle and career in music based on your goals and values.
Why Study with JoAnn
  • Currently Associate Principal/Second Trumpet, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, splitting my time between a  true paradise and the greatest city in the world, NYC, where I freelance on the off weeks. I never thought of this lifestyle but I Love it! 
  • Successful Freelancing Career in and around NYC, subbing with many top orchestras and on Broadway Shows. During that time winning an audition for Second Trumpet in the Reading Symphony Orchestra in Reading, PA.  A position I have held for 10 years.
  • Two year position after winning a One-year Second Trumpet position in the Charleston Symphony Orchestra
  • 20 Year Career that is always evolving based on opportunity, goals and interests.
For  more info about JoAnn, please read the About page on this site.
Why I want to teach this course 
To help you. I enjoy presenting masterclasses at music schools and conferences that address many of these topics. It has been a goal of mine to do more with it over time. With multiple orchestra jobs and the subbing I do around the country, I haven't had much time to focus on making this course until now. One plus to the Quarantine Times. Just out of school, I struggled to figure out what I wanted out of life . It took a while for me to land on my feet. This course is a mixture of my approach to career/lifestyle balance. 
JoAnn's energy as an educator is so positive and encouraging for the students.
She was able to put them at ease and get them thinking in a wonderful way.
Her techniques were fun and thought provoking, and the students came a
long way in a short time during her teaching session. We want to have her 
back again! As a performer, she sings through the horn and demonstrates
clarity of technique and strong supportive breathing we are after as brass players.
Dr. Joanna Ross Hersey
President, International Women's Brass Conference
Yamaha Artist, Tuba and Euphonium
Parker Mouthpiece Artist
Professor of Tuba and Euphonium, 
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke
JoAnn's career is what the modern day trumpet player should aspire to- diverse,
flexible and constantly evolving. In addition to JoAnn's tenure at the HSO, she 
has a successful freelance career across the country and is a highly respected
educator and audition trainer. She is methodical and will certainly challenge
you both on the instrument and the business side of being a musician. It was a 
pleasure working with her for many years, and I am excited for anyone who has 
the chance to take her course.
Julia Filson,
former Lecturer of Horn 
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

© 2014 JoAnn Lamolino


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