Coaching musicians through Yoga & Mindfulness to make music-making a sanctuary
Mind. Music. Sanctuary  
3-Day Intensive Fall Workshop  for Trumpet Players 
Learn to use your mindfulness practice
to gain more confidence to
fearlessly go after your dreams
Ages 18+
October 9-11

Maybe you are....

Just out of music school looking to set up a mindfulness routine to feel grounded in your shifting world.

Established and already have a fulfilling freelancing, orchestral or teaching career and you would like your days to feel easier.

A college student who would like more ease juggling practicing, performing well, schoolwork and social life.


You love the way you feel after a yoga class but as soon as you move on to the next thing, the glow is gone. 
You can honestly say, you hardly feel grounded during performances, making it difficult to play like you.
You have actually really enjoyed the "quiet" of the last year and a half and would like to take that feeling with you when we get back to "normal." 




It's been a year and a half  and we still aren't totally back to "normal" as a performing arts community. But there are glimmers of hope everyday. Some orchestras are performing just like "normal." Some are just getting started this fall and there are even auditions starting up in places. After all, there are a lot of vacancies due to career changes and early retirements.
NOW is a great time to establish new, daily habits in order to have more ease throughout your day with musical and non-musical activities. 
This is where your mindfulness comes in!
You can develop this skill to feel more grounded and confident to go after what you really want, not just what comes your way. 
Let's face it, we have had plenty of time to think about what we enjoyed in our pre-pandemic lives and happy to see what isn't coming back too. Without the former busyness, we can really focus on achieving the small daily goals to make the big picture a reality.



Waking up feeling focused, grounded and excited about your day.

Being able to ground yourself before a performance or practice session to be in your own sanctuary to get the work done that you want to get done. 


Checking in regularly with yourself doing yoga and meditation to bring yourself back into that post-yoga class glow whenever you wanted.


Aloha! I'm JoAnn, a trumpet player and yogi.

 I am the Associate  Principal/Second Trumpet of the Hawaii Symphony  Orchestra in Honolulu, HI. Plus a member of the Reading Symphony in Reading, PA (just like the railroad from Monopoly), a freelance musician around NYC, and frequent guest in other orchestras around the country. Yes, I rack up  A LOT of miles! After 14 years of practicing Kundalini Yoga, during the pandemic, I decided to get my Level 1 Teacher Certification.


It wasn't that long ago that I struggled with balancing my life, was a basket case at auditions, and felt like I was less-than because I didn't win a job right out of school. I was fortunate enough to study with Don Greene. He introduced me to healthy mindful habits to use throughout my life and get into balance. I started meditating daily and found Kundalini Yoga classes. 


Slowly but surely, I started to feel grounded in ways I had never experienced before, confident to make decisions and really go for it at auditions, rather than half-ass it because I didn't want to know if my best just wasn't good enough, and I became less frazzled by all of the hats I had to wear as a freelance musician. 

After establishing mindfulness practices, I advanced at the first auditions I took. Finally I felt like I had somthing  to build on and eventually my first win happened.  

I decided to start Mind.Music.Sanctuary to help musicians find a mindfulness practice that works for them and their music making. I love to talk with people and hear their story. I also love yoga/mediation and how it makes me feel. Combining these with music is how I feel I can contribute to the greater good in our world. The goal at Mind. Music. Sanctuary is to create a community of sharing to better everyone around us. As a second trumpet player that is my job and when I do my job well, we all play better.  

Mind.Music.Sanctuary Course Details
3 Warm-up/Fundamentals Sessions
3 Yoga/Meditation Classes
2 Audition Preparation Sessions
1 Private Lesson with JoAnn Lamolino
1 Mock Audition 
 Plus 3 Guest Artists Sessions

Daily Schedule
10:30-Noon Warm-up/fundamentals
12:30-1:30pm Yoga/Meditation
3-4:30 Audition Prep. 10/9-10
4-6pm Mock Audition 10/11
All times Eastern 
All Classes presented on ZOOM

Course fee$575
scholarships available
Apply by October 1st and receive $75 off

October in the Sanctuary
Guest Artists


Ryan Beach
Principal Trumpet
Alabama Symphony

Founder of 
The Gold Method,
That's Not Spit, It's Condensation


Dr. Christopher Scanlon
Professor of Trumpet at Northern Illinois University
Member of Axiom Brass


Ethan Bensdorf
Second Trumpet
NY Philharmonic