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Synchronicity in the Desert

Last week I had the good fortune to play with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, give masterclasses and Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, hang out with great people, and explore the surrounding area. There is a lot to see and do in Tucson, I only began to scratch the surface. I could go on about that but I'm not going to. I'm going to discuss all of the synchronicity or coincidences I felt and saw during my time in the desert.

hiking in the desert

The first question, What is Synchronicity? It is an a occurrence of two or more events at the same time with the belief that there is a deeper universal energy at work. What is a coincidence? These two occurrences happening randomly by luck. Some people will say it's just a coincidence and has no higher meaning. But if you look a the meaning of a coincidence in math, it's how angles coincide. To me, a coincidence is really the tip of the iceberg of energy working on another level.

Dr. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalysis who's work crossed over many disciplines was the founder of Synchronicity and published his first book about it in 1952, The Interpretation of Nature and Psyche. To paraphrase, he explained it as love reveals itself to you like a pearl, and that the opening up of your life reveals this timeless treasure to you.

This all happened after first seeing it in his patients in the 1920's. He researched for 30 years before actually publishing. So these weren't his feelings about the subject. He observed patients, researched and reported. Since that time, many people have done much research about this and you can find all kinds of info out there, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer just to get started.

What does all of this have to do with my experience in Tucson last week? Everything! I had many synchronistic events and I'm going to tell you about them now. Take what you will from my experience. When so many things occur in a short amount of time, to me that is not what the random coincidence is. I think being aware of experiences and symbols that come to you are messages that are confirmation of your thoughts. But you have to notice and be aware of them in your life.

On my flight to Phoenix, I watched the movie The Sun is Also a Star. It was a cute movie all about the synchronicity of how two teenagers meet, he saves her life and they fall in love over the course of a day. She doesn't believe it was fate and he does. And he spends time convincing her of that. Apparently this movie was a bomb in 2019. I didn't know this when I selected it. Ignorance is bliss. I thought it was cute.

The next day I had the great fortune of having a 7-Bowl Chakra Balancing meditation with my friend Zen with Ben LLC. in Scottsdale. The bowls are 300-500 years old and are from Tibet and Nepal. Ben is also a professional percussionist so his touch on the bowls was perfect to me. The best bowl meditation I have done! The synchronicity of this connection lies in the fact that Ben was playing in Flagstaff this week and I happened to catch him just before he left.

This was my first time playing with the Tucson Symphony. We played Symphony Fantastique which has four trumpet parts. The TSO hired Jena Vangjel and myself to play the trumpet parts. Jena and I didn't know each other prior. Back in May, I was supposed to perform with the Athena Brass Band at the International Women's Brass Conference at Arizona State University. But I had to back out due to my schedule in Hawaii. I would miss the rehearsals but I was still coming to the conference. Well, Jena was asked to play in my place. And when we met she and I put it together that I was the mystery person she was subbing for in Athena!

One night my friend and I were walking down the street and passed a book shop that had my friends' daughter's book in the window. These friends actually live in Tucson and I was seeing them later in the week. They didn't know the book was on display there and have no connection to that book shop. Of course now I need to read this book, Waking the Witch by Pam Grossman!

I spent a morning at the Arizona State University giving a masterclass and teaching a lesson. There was a student at ASU who was frustrated with what he was working on. Professor Burgstaller had a couple of suggestions for him while I observed. Then I chimed in and drew a diagram of how I thought he could get the result he wanted. He then looked at it and said Professor Joe Burgstaller drew him the same diagram a week before. Great minds think alike, I guess!

My friend and I went into a bar one night I had a tarot card reading right there at the bar. My reading was very similar to what my pedicurist who is sort of psychic told me in May while she took two hours to do a pedicure. I also kept seeing the number 51 multiple times within the next four days after. My friend who can interpret these types of things told me his feeling was it's actually an adding of 5+1 to give me 6. The 6 is about two things coming together in a positive relationship. It could be love, friendship, business, any connection that feels right.

6 also has to do with being a teacher/healer. And I did a bunch of teaching within the days following too.

Another day I was stung by a bee while hiking in the middle of the desert. After looking up the symbolism of getting randomly stung by a bee in the middle of no where without a hive in sight, I found that the bee is a symbol of love, prosperity, wealth and progress. Most ancient civilizations revered the bee.

I can safely say my time in the desert last week was chock full of occurrences and messages that pointed in the direction of the bee. I am very much looking forward to my next visit to the desert this winter. As for all of us, be aware and present in your everyday lives to see synchronicity. It's a nice reminder that you are on the right path.

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