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Gratefulness in Time

We are about to wrap up 2019. Great, it happens every year. As I get older, years seem to flow into the next. It's very easy to blow off the feeling of the season. I'm a musician. I'm busy. Where's my gig today? When's the next party? I hope that gets delivered on time. I hope my flight doesn't get delayed because of the weather. Why couldn't we jump from Thanksgiving to Christmas without so much to do in between? This is how I have felt in some years. And I think many people do. For me, not anymore.

My observation of time over the last few months. Before we get to Thanksgiving and in some cases, before Halloween, the world goes Christmas crazy. I roll my eyes. Just be here now, it's not Christmas. We have other events before Christmas. Then just before Thanksgiving, society and consumerism have a small window of being thankful, grateful, and giving. Thanksgiving passes quickly and the mad dash of craziness takes us into the New Year.

Wave Event!

I just finished a book by Carlo Rovelli, The Order of Time. It's a great mix of physics and the philosophy of time. What is time? Molecularly, the past, present and future are not different. The humans' memories and anticipation make the past and the future. And you can never speak of the present because it's past. Time is really a series of occurrences and events that flow and happen with a limited duration. The world, your world is made up of events. Time is a where or when not a what. It is not a thing. Everything is always becoming. Fall is becoming winter then becoming spring. Rain is becoming snow or a rainbow, depending on where you are. 2019 is becoming 2020. I am sitting at my kitchen table. Later today, I am becoming a teacher. A wave is not a thing. The movement of water is becoming a wave, an event.

With all of that in mind, all of the events we have until the New Year are just events where we can choose to be looking ahead at the next one or enjoy becoming a part of the event. Last December, my husband and I chose to write 1 thing we were grateful for on a post-it note and put it into a jar. We read them on New Year's Eve. We noticed it helped us focus on staying grateful everyday and not just rush through our events during the month. We enjoyed our time. This small shift in my focus last December gave me the reminder to be grateful for all of the season's events. During the year, it was a lot easier to be grateful for the events that maybe weren't seemingly wonderful at first glance. Gratefulness is the magical gateway in time. Enjoy your events this season!

Magical Grateful Jar

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