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Keep Walking or Stay Home?

Aloha! Yes It has been since December fourth that I have published a blog post. Life was happening. It's still happening but I actually have made time to start blogging again. It's always a choice!

So guess what I'm going to discuss, our new neighbor the big CoronaV! YES, I am concerned like most people. Am I freaking out? NO.

I think you have to collect what facts you can from what we have been reading and watching over the last couple of months. Take into consideration your own health history and what you believe makes you healthy. It's these three factors that are going do determine what YOUR OWN conclusion is on how you want to deal with it. It's not a text book answer as to how or what you should do. It's not a one size fits all.

Obviously this all changes if you get put under a mandatory 14 day quarantine, then your'e hopefully home, hopefully healthy and chilling out. Before that happens, maybe pick up a puzzle or two, buy a lot of food and cook your ass off, Marie Kondo your place. Whatever it is, stay positive and try to enjoy the slow time if you are hopefully not sick or slightly sick and feel like doing stuff.

As you all know, this blog is about my non- traditional lifestyle of blurred lines of work and play. I travel a lot and I am due to take four flights in the next six weeks. I have a lot of fun concert programs coming up that I'm hoping will go according as planned. If not and I get quarantined somewhere other than home, it is what it is. I'll get home eventually. Although according to my research, I should be fine. Many people this week have voiced their concerns to me about my upcoming plans. I can say that I have looked up my destinations on the CDC website. None of them are on any of their concerned lists: Watch, Alert or Warning. As of today there are either 0, 1, or 2 people with confirmed cases of the virus at my destinations. Obviously, as we have been seeing in the news that can all multiply quickly. There also seems to be a lag in testing/case reporting within the US, so I am going with what I have read not on speculation of what it might be. With that in mind, you can't predict the future. You can only go with what you know right now, in the present.

For my own peace of mind I have made some adjustments to my lifestyle. I am now drinking apple cider vinegar every day, in addition to my regular supplements, and using Clorox wipes on surfaces and door handles. I am also making sure I am getting the proper amount of sleep I need so I don't get run down. I am eating very nutrient dense foods and drinking plenty of water. No junk, no alcohol. This is what works for me! I'm not telling you to do it too. I do have one PSA about what I read about the virus. Apparently it does attack the lungs. If you smoke, vape, even marijuana, you should probably cut back to let your lungs be as healthy as they can be. Buy edibles!!

I have two stories from my last week that really put things into perspective for me. On Monday I took a 9 hour plane ride. There was a man sitting across the aisle from me. He was really old, could have been late 80's -90 range. He was very cute. He had an iPhone and seemed to be reading a book every time I woke up. He also wore a surgical mask. Obviously he heard about the virus and concerns for his age group especially with travel. He also seemed very relaxed and enjoying himself. To me he looked like "what you think is what you get."

On Tuesday, I was at the dentist. The receptionist asked me if it was "scary" to be traveling right now. I answered my stock answer. Meanwhile the hygienist who was assisting the dentist wore a mask and rubber gloves as you do. But she was also coughing into her glove and wrist and then putting her hand within inches of my mouth and nose. Even now with all of this talk about personal hygiene, many people are clearly unaware of what they are actually doing in the present moment. It was also obvious that no place is necessarily cleaner than another.

My take away on all of this is: You are only as safe as you think you are. What you think is what you get. It's all a choice. We are all hoping for the best case scenario. Be well, maybe don't ignore the news, but don't freak out. Find your balance of this somewhere in the middle if you can. Somewhere in there is probably where the reality lies.

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